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First Twins Game

On September 4, 2010, The Twins Played the Texas Rangers at Target Field. Jim Thome hit 2 home runs that day, raising him to ninth on the all time career home run list. But that wasn't what made that particular game so special. You see, it was the first time that Isaac, Maddie, and Ray went to a big league baseball game. And they had the time of their lives. What better way to hold on to this wonderful memory than to frame a picture of the three in front of the Kirby Puckett statute along with their tickets and the Sports Illustrated cover showing Jim Thome hitting one of those two home runs?

Now wedding photos can better reflect the personalities and interests of the couple and have personal meaning. Even non-traditional wedding pictures can retain the importance and formality of the occasion. The couple shown in this wedding portrait own a ranch and they raise horses.  They chose to carry this theme through the timeless image that symbolizes the start of their life together. Normally a rustic frame would seem out of place on a wedding picture . But in this case it is the perfect complement.

Framing Family Photos & Experiences

Father-Son Golf Outing

A family vacation to Hawaii provided a perfect opportunity for Dad to get in some golf with his son on the two fabulous Waikolo Beach Resort courses on the Big Island in Hawaii.

One way to remember the experience is to frame outing pictures with descriptions of the course. A Polynesian style frame is a natural fit for this project. But to complete the theme, the mat is carved with the shapes of the Hawaiian islands and, of course, a palm tree. 

The Wedding Photo

What should a wedding portrait look like? Everyone is familiar with the traditional marriage pose. In generations past, a couple may have just had two or three side-by-side pictures taken and chosen the one that came out best. Over time there were pictures of the wedding party, the bride's family, the husband's family, and the obligatory cutting-the-cake shot. But with the advent of digital photography, where each shot did not carry additional expense for film and developing, wedding photographers have expanded the conventions and couples have begun to contribute their own ideas about how they would like their big event to be remembered.