The colors in this painting appear much more vibrant because they are surrounded by black. The choice of an antiqued black frame with warm copper ornamentation on the inner edge creates a window through which we can look into the Tuscan landscape. But by itself the frame would appear too narrow to balance with the large art size. The addition of the black linen liner extends the size of the frame and creates a much more pleasing proportion of frame to image. But there is another subtle element that completes the overall impression for the viewer. If you look very closely at the inner edge of the liner you will see a small copper edge, made of fabric, that both matches the ornamentation in  the frame,  and  transitions from

Palate Knife Painting      

Original art like this palate knife technique oil painting need a frame that that is complementary to the texture as well as the  style of the art. The painting is large, measuring 46" high, so a substantial  3" frame with a deep scoop balances well. The gold beaded inner edge not only defines the image by contrasting with the dark outer edges of the painting, it also matches and embellishes the artist's gold signature.

Another interesting characteristic of the frame is the rich brown textured finish created using real tobacco leaves. Together, this art and frame  make a fascinating , and truly original focal point for the den in which it is now displayed.

the dark black liner to the golden colors in the painting. Sometimes it is the small details that give a piece of framed art that truly finished look. This is one of the differences between a custom framing design and just putting a picture into a nice frame.

Warm Afternoon by Athanase Pell


The artwork is a giclee print on fine art paper available through our Artaissance program. Artaissance artwork is printed to order and may be purchased in any required size up to 102” x 54” on canvas or 52” x 32” on acid-free art paper. It is truly “art that fits” where you need it. You can choose from thousands of exclusive art selections at .

This artwork has been framed with a 22k gold leafed frame and matching fillet, set off with a burgundy linen mat and matching liner custom wrapped in our shop. Custom wrapped liners and mats can be made from practically any fabric for endless design possibilities. This framed landscape makes a stunning statement for a formal setting.


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