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Who We Are

Frāmagine is a locally owned and operated, award winning custom framing store that gives you the best of both worlds - a real frame shop where all work is personally designed and crafted with top-notch professional services at affordable and competitive prices!

Framing is our core business, not just a side business.  True custom framing can be more than just cutting a couple mats and creating a frame to size.  If that happens to be what you are need, we can certainly help with options to fit your budget.  But where we really set ourselves apart from the rest is with designs that give you a framing project that truly is “custom” and will enhance your artwork or memorabilia in a way that will really make it stand out.

At Frāmagine you will find over 4300 different frame styles to choose from. This includes everything from basic black to elegant Italian hand-crafted frames. We even offer environmentally friendly and USA made frames. If you're looking for a case to display sports memorabilia or unique shaped objects, we have those as well.

We also offer hundreds of different mats, in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Frāmagine is able to offer fabric wrapped mats, which provide additional texture for a look that isn't achieved by manufactured mats.  We have a wide variety of pre-wrapped mats but are also able to hand-wrap a mat using a fabric of your choosing. Fabric wrapped mats offer the unique option of including embroidered names, symbols, or patterns to really set your piece apart.

Frāmagine is a custom shop staffed only by framing and design professionals. Our experienced, staff knows how to correctly handle the treasured items you bring in for framing. If it's important to you, it's important to us!

We are a self-contained framing store. Every project is completed in our fully equipped workshop so you don't have to worry about your work leaving our premises. Do you have a project you need completed within a tight deadline? Frāmagine has options for framing completed next day or sooner.

As a locally owned and operated shop, we take great pride in building each piece with attention to detail. You won't see better quality anywhere else!

If you’ve seen the barrage of advertising from the art, craft, and hobby stores, they may have you thinking that by coming to Frāmagine you will pay considerably more for your custom framing.  This is ABSOLUTELY NOT true! 

Think for a minute how often you see coupons in the paper for 50% or even 60% off your next custom framing order from the craft and hobby stores … every single week.  The only way they can do that is to greatly inflate their original prices so that the discounted price is really what should be the regular price.

At Frāmagine, we keep our original prices comparable to the discount prices offered at these art and craft stores.  When you see a coupon from us, it truly does reflect a savings for you, rather than just an adjustment back down to regular prices.

Many of our customers have commented on how impressed they are with the high level of customer service and product quality they receive from Frāmagine at prices that continue to be comparable with the discounted prices elsewhere.

Stop in today to experience the "Frāmagine Difference" for yourself!